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Our destinies come naturally……

Posted on: June 23, 2011

Why does electricity take the path of least resistance and produces heightened results? Why does water flow flawlessly down a river? Why do trees grow so beautifully? Well before i explain what your true destiny is, let me explain a little test i have been running recently!

For the past one and a half years i have been religiously blogging on this site! Well surprise surprise, whenever i “tried” to blog, i would sit on this laptop with my arms out like the zombies from the Micheal Jackson thriller video and just stare in to space. Nothing happens, no great material comes to mind….nothing!Dumbfounded,empty,frustrated and desperate. That’s part of the reason i go two three days sometimes without posting on the blog! Then on the days i have absolutely no deep need to write anything, a burning topic appears mostly at the odd hours of the night. Then i have this burning sensation to get up and post on the blog and surprisingly on those particular days, i get the greatest responses! On these days,I receive the most responsive audiences too! At this time, i know that this information emanates from a higher source. Some call him consciousness,some  Love but most call him God.

Now back to our destiny! The above events( water and electricity and the tree) all perform at their heightened performances because of their alignment with the source. We all have this capacity within us BUT the reason we have been struggling is because we are searching outside of us rather than inside of us. We believe through conditioning that we are  individuals, we believe that we are our experiences and whats even worse we confine our infinite possibilities based on our environments,education etc rather than the proximity of intent from the source.

“Your level of accomplishment will be directly proportional to the proximity of intent between you and God”  In other words, you’re suffering is in direct proportionality to the degree at which you are disconnected with God.

Finally once you find that connection, you will love the way you feel which will in turn transform the way you work and eventually the results you produce. Work is never bad or boring, it is the state of the individual attempting it that is disconnected from consciousness that deems that particular job bad or boring.

To end this post i will leave you with the greatest discoveries known to man! There is nothing! There is no matter, no train,no plane no desk…nothing that doesn’t emanate from consciousness and when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!

Lee Kariuki


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