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Create A Following By Giving Away This One Thing….Please Do Devour This!

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Salesmen are trying to use it. Employers are looking for it. Employees want to add it! Business is driven by it! Education wants to build it, consumers thrive on getting it! Stores try to stack it! So what is it? No no yes maybe you could use money to answer all those questions but this is the one thing that is priced by the pain of the loss of it rather than the pleasure of the gain of it! So what is it?


and value is simply

VALUE = (Education,Experience,Research Observation)Contribution x power of communication x power of action

Value is measured in terms of what  it  is costing your end user not to have your service or product. Psychologically, people are traumatized by the loss of something than the benefit of the same thing! So the end user determines what value is and i have heard people saying they can sell ice to a working refrigerator but if the refrigerator doesn’t need it no matter how well you package it, it is useless!

Next thing about value is packaging! The more and well packaged the service or product is, the higher the value! So here is an example, an old beat up car costs about $1000 sold as a unit. Break down the car by selling it for parts and you can potentially receive $2000 or even $3000 for parts an increase of 100 or 200% Why? Yes micro packaging is right and packaging is the general answer! Packaging goods or services in the optimized method, adds value to the good or service and how do you know this, through testing! Start with a premise by comparing what others are charging, make changes then test!

Finally, value is not always added by adding more stuff! Removing stuff can also add value! An example where removing stuff added more value, when the brand name Calvin Klein noticed that everyone was making clothes that were screaming their brand names, Calvin Klein made clothes that are very simple with hidden labels that always caused attention for their simplicity (they almost looked like they could have come from Wal-Mart) and then charged premium prices for it!

So here are the three dojo’s on value:-

  1. Worth
  2. Packaging
  3. Simplicity
  4. positioning

Lee Kariuki


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