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If Your Not Trend Setting, Your Copying

Posted on: June 10, 2011


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and no one needs a copy cat! A “me too” product. We have enough of those already. Despite the similarities we all have, there is a small percentage difference of  unique genetic buildup that is responsible for your fingerprints. Now you can imagine with over 7 billion people worldwide we all have different finger prints! So with that knowledge in mind why would you want to do anything like anybody?

If all of us 7 billion were to be given the same task, I am confident enough, technically we should receive 7 billion different results and a lot may be similar but not exact matches if scrutinized appropriately. We all desire to have success and it is only natural that we copy those who have preceded us. It is accepted practice to emulate the steps and strategies of those who have done it before. The problem though is that they did it, what have you done? Copying, they say is the greatest form of flattery one can offer but that goes to the person who is being copied. Our biggest problem right now is that we are not promoting “BRAND I” enough and not setting our own trends acceptable to us first. Setting a trend by the way, doesn’t require a revolution, it just needs a conscious awakening to communicate and do what is important to you with respect to the world and do what it is you plan on doing in response. The beauty of it is that even if all the 7 Billion decided to create our own brands, 80% would rather follow someone else!(80% is the approximation from the Pareto principle and that number is actually higher) So why 80%? This is because the 3% that set’s trends, is being followed by the 97% that doesn’t!

Part of the reason the industrial revolution is in shambles right now is because it is and was un-natural. It defied our very own premise of existence whereby we are creators naturally and following “cookie cutter” recipes was going against our forces of existence. It worked for a while partly because civilization was in “deep sleep” with a deep lack of consciousness and this made some fellows rich beyond their wildest dreams! As we dawn on a new awakening, (recessions always ignite awakening) there will be a good number of people escaping poverty. There will be a good number of people setting new trends. Recessions, by the way are nothing but periods of resource shifts from one class to another! When a system undergoes extreme stress and duress, it must cave in complementary to the applied stress. So stop copying! Create! It’s in you,it’s natural. It’s who you are! Promote your brand.

Lee Kariuki


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