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It Will All Be Fine

Posted on: June 8, 2011

There comes dark days. The stock market is doing this…..the value of Gold is now explosive, projections say this, sales are on this level and the unemployment level is on cloud nine!

Well all that “they” say may be true. Maybe for one second all that “hullabaloo” is going on, BUT can you imagine facing adversary with a fisted hand compared to  facing adversary with a smile on the face? A fisted hand can only hold so much! An unclenched fist has more capacity to take more than a clenched one! For as long as I have been alive (which is only 18 years from 18 years ago) there has always been obstacles! There has always been dark days. There has always been struggles! No this not enough that need money for this and i tell you it was never ever enough! It was during those times that we used our heads, we did a lot of improvising and always always kept a smile on our faces! If we couldn’t smile, we made sure someone else was which in turn would make us smile! It was at that time of darkness that great leaders were born. It was at the time of darkness that plans and preparations were tested. It was at the time of darkness that one raised above consciousness. This depression may last longer than expected, word is that people are already anticipating a double dip recession and that may be the case but it is no cause for alarm.(yes really) So turn of your alarm and smile! The double dip won’t awaken you up if your not waiting for it!

Bill Cosby gave quite the testament yesterday when he talked about “By your presence here, you have already won” It was your intention to be here because by the Law of Natural Selection, one sperm beat millions of others to select that one egg to become you. So if you can fight six million sperms you can take a recession! You didn’t have any money, you didn’t even have a place to stay, but you survived. Then so be it. Just remember to set a plan of what to do, test the plan as you do it and go back and reset the plan again based on your findings. That’s all you have to do and as you go through this cycle, you will become great at what you do. Good, like Jim Collins said is OK but great is the intention.

They say the strength of an economy is measured by the survival of the unit! You are the unit and you can make a change. You also do have a choice. You could choose to focus on aah this and aah that but ask yourself this question,

How is that information getting you closer to your goals?

If it does, welcome it, and  if it doesn’t, work around it. The solution to most problems will lie within the problem (engineering 101). A strong spirit can not be kept down. So let the “aah this and that” men stick to what they do best “aah this and that”. You have real work to do!

Lee Kariuki



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