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My most weird experience with a Sensei

Posted on: June 6, 2011

As the blazing sun decided to illuminate Seattle this weekend, I decided to take a walk by the lovely  strip at Redondo beach in Federal way to kind of clear up my mind. While engaging in my cardiac activity, i came across this old Japanese guy sitting with his legs crossed on the park bench wearing a dark red robe with a brown straw hat surrounded by burning incense while his chilling piercing eyes stared in to the ocean. It was not the first time i had seen him and had always wanted to understand what he stared at and what he was experiencing as he stared in to the vicinity of the blue-green water!

As i walked passed him in the blaring sun, i could hear him utter some sort of rhythmic mantra, almost like a chant and i wasn’t the one to dare interrupt him while he practised his ritual! I had seen enough Shaolin movies to know that as old or as young as he looked, i wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was still capable of applying ancient martial art tactics to drop 20 people with one hand! So i walked passed him the first time….then the second as I tried to gather courage to approach him, I walked past him the third and fourth time! It was when i was about to do it the fifth time, when he shouted ” Come here my son!”

My heart pounding with a thin sweat trickling down on my forehead, I thought of all the beatings I was going to receive! I had even contemplated running away but then thought of  how fast this guy could be and how easy he would catch up with me in no time. So upon gathering courage, i reluctantly approached the park bench.He had picked up on my curiosity and in a very soft chilling tone he  muttered” You ask me what you want, I see you walk one time, two-time, three-time and four-time ! Then you stare at me long time! Me no like how you stare at me ”

Now if you know my character, the minute i feel comfortable around a situation is the minute i run my mouth! Sometimes, I wish I was a CNN commentator! Anyway, I sat next to him quietly at first with a puzzled look. Then upon  gathering my courage I asked him, ” How long have you been practising mediation Sir and how does it feel?”

He looked at me with his strong piercing eyes and softly, yet innocently  he uttered ” Time!” then paused for about 10 seconds because the second-hand had clicked about 10 times. He then continued, “is not of the essence my son” and he continued to stare in the water.

I must have sat there like 5 minutes mouth wide ajar after his last statement! I was speechless,dumbfounded,part excited he had talked to me, part confused by what he was looking at  but mostly bewildered by his silence. I quickly thanked him and walked to my car and as i was driving the words “Time, is not of the essence, my son!” kept on playing over and over in my mind! I had heard the same sentence before over and over again.The Sensei though, couldn’t have said it better.

It was then that whole plot of  the movie “Limitless“, made sense.

We shouldn’t do or chase anything due to a time crunch, but rather due to the consciousness we have with the environment. Until we experience that higher level  of consciousness, there will never be enough time, money or people in a day to help us find our purpose and extract the most memorable experiences. In the movie, it wasn’t until the protagonist took the “magic” pill was he able to use all kinds of information from within!

So i will say it like the sensei said it “Time is not of the essence my son!”


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