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The Act Of “Doing” “Without” Doing

Posted on: June 1, 2011

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How do you get attention, by not seeking attention. How do you make sales, by offering a product that delivers a solution, NOT pounding on people’s doors with products they have no need for! How do you attract a partner, by creating mystery and “seeming disinterested” at first to arouse suspense, then making your intentions known after rapport has been created.

We as a society have been victims of bad relationships,products,services,movies……etc, at first being presented to us in an irresistible way to draw us in to the offer then to coerce us in to the engagement! How do some Nigerian scam artists who send millions and millions of emails stay profitable? They target the vulnerable property of us desiring short cuts to results! The property of pursuing “something for nothing” and we blindly fall for it in the hopes that we would come out victorious, no wonder these artists live a luxurious lifestyle.

My grandfather used to remind me that in every scam there will always be the schemer, and the victim who he referred to as the person trying to get something for nothing .

3 Ways You Can Seperatae Yourself From The Schemers!

  1. Solve a real problem by offering a solution for free! Most schemers are skimpy when it comes to their products and services and want the prospect to commit by purchasing without fully understanding the offer.
  2. Build goodwill! Get the prospect closer and closer to his goal and as you do that you get closer and closer to your goal! Goodwill is the price you pay to build a relationship based on trust. Example when at the mall and you are given food samples or Starbucks giving away coffee samples! These are not only used to build trust by saying in not many words ” Try this and if you like it we will be happy to serve you”
  3. Paint a picture of the benefit after the prospect has used your product or service. What will it feel like? What will it be like? Will alleviate my fears? Let your prospects know of  the “feelings to come” and make sure they really do feel your promises!

In a nutshell, as more people are embarking on to internet marketing and mobile marketing, you and I should not be intimidated by this! First off believe that there is abundance and more than enough prospects for all markets! Second because of the schemers, we E-prenuers will be forced to deliver the best consumer experience to survive! So if you were are genuine business, you won’t have to work as hard as the schemers because it is an ethic that had already been instilled within you.

There is a saying that goes like “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! ” One can not scheme on taking advantage of clients and still expect to be in business for a long time! Become accountable and if you don’t know something simply say so!

Start Now!

Lee Kariuki


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