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Memorial Day

Posted on: May 30, 2011

As we celebrate this holiday, it is only fair we take a moment of silence to honor all the soldiers of the United States and the diaspora who died for a cause they believed in. For that, I respect them entirely and may they rest in peace!

This brings me to the second part of this post! When one has a cause, they are more than willing to die for it! It is something that they believe in whole heartedly and give everything they have! Imagine having to leave your family.Imagine having to leave everything you know and are familiar to in the name of fighting for a cause you believe in! A cause that you know will leave the recipients in a better place! A sacrifice that is way greater than your ego!

That is powerful! It’s heavenly because the cost of freedom is what Jesus died for and the same freedom is what our troops die for and the same freedom is what our great ancestors died for! That term freedom is not a term I take very lightly because I paint a mental picture of what it’s like to be in the jungle for X amount of days with little food or water! I paint a mental picture of what it’s like to be chained on a ship surrounded by fellow naked men,some dead, with little food and water headed to a place you have no idea of! Yet,

If you haven’t found something you would die for, then you haven’t lived!

I’m not advocating that death is the ultimate judge of how passionate or committed one is to a cause, but it signify’s the extent at which you are willing to go to stand up for your cause! Sometimes I too wonder if I am that worthy of other people to die for my freedom when I haven’t even chosen a cause worth dying for  or if I would die for other people’s freedom sake if it got to that? That is not an easy decision to make but to live eternally, one must experience death mentally and face it, in order to conquer it through a cause worth dying for! Of what use is a rebel if he has no cause and what kind of rebel is he if can’t die for what he believes in?

Pick something!Pick someone! Don’t even pick, feel or experience! Whatever you do, find that property you are really passionate about and pump the freedom that you now experience from those who sacrificed their lives ahead of you. It is the best way you can honor them!

Enjoy your Memorial Day!


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