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How “Signal Transduction” is synonymous to Business…

Posted on: May 29, 2011

The process by which a molecule, outside the cell of a mammal, targets a receptor on the edge of a cell, to elicit an intracellular response. This process is done in three stages,

  1. An “activator” molecule targets the receptor causing a stimulus/messenger
  2. The stimulant can be amplified to illicit a physiological response inside the cell
  3. The expected action

so often when something is not right or when you hear of cancer of XYZ that means that there is a problem between steps 1, 2 or 3 and this is what is called a mutation!

Think of it like say a message being sent from Canada! As it approaches the border, due to strict regulation the message needs a messenger to deliver it inside of the US say New York! So when it gets to the border it is checked for consistency,accuracy and the call to action before being delivered to NY. Once in NY an action takes place which is consistent with the signal.

In business, synonymous to signal transduction,

  1. You create a solution to a problem being faced
  2. You take it to the market and the market analyzes to check message for accuracy,consistency, relevancy and if your idea has love and care!
  3. The market responds in a way that is consistent of the original idea 1.

So when your business is not producing as expected you may need to check step 1 and 2. Test and tweak until 3 is consistent to 1 otherwise you will have what I call a “Business Communication Mutation”

Hope You’re enjoying Your Weekend!


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