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Weird Strategy Accidentally Finds Jackson A New Job Working For Himself!

Posted on: May 27, 2011

Jackson, a 23-year-old college graduate had been looking for a job for the past 2 years! He would sometimes get interviewed every now and then but never get hired. He was an impeccable writer but had never been given the opportunity to write for anyone other than his college reports and assignments!

He got a job writing for a local newspaper but they weren’t paying him and it really didn’t open any doors! He figured that he was building someone else’s brand rather than focusing on building his own!Then one day as Jackson was swimming, he had an epiphany! During his college years, he had gained an interest in internet marketing and had subscribed to many many internet “gurus” lists to receive their newsletters! So he decided rather than sit back and wail, he took a leap of faith and decided to test a principle, besides he had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The principle he tested was that if he could go back to his emails and select all the emails from internet marketers that he had ever opened(He knew he had opened them because the titles had captured his attention) , he could create tested email templates that could sell with a guaranteed open rate of more than 30% and what that simply means is that out of every 100 emails sent to prospects, at least 30 of them would be read and that’s a darn good number in this market! He knew the secret was in the copy writing, the  style of delivery, the relevancy, the content and the applicable immediate action step that the prospect could take to get closer to their goal!

So with that hypothesis, he decided to test his theory using a blog with zero followers! He had links to his twitter page and Facebook page and that was it! He tracked the number of visitors, the comments, the likes, the dislikes, and finally the click-through rates(the links within the blog post mostly they are the action steps that one expects the prospect to take)! After a year of testing (he did do odd jobs to pay bills but focused on his baby) he launched the email project to a few of his friends and boy oh boy did he hit the ground running! His terms, rather than selling the templates, he sold the license to the templates guaranteeing a monthly income and a training course on how effectively to use the templates!

It was hard work though and Jackson deserves every bit of it! You can too, when you mentally strip everything off and only deal with hypothesis’,tests and results! It really is a choice! In that world there is no good or bad or failure or pass! There is works or didn’t or requires more testing! Nothing personal and no one to blame! It will be hard at first as you try figure out what needs to be done but eventually you will be OK! Test,Test ,Test is the new buzz word, forget location, location  and some more  location!

Enjoy your weekend and for all in the US, happy memorial weekend!

Lee Kariuki


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