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What Fortune 500 Companies Are Missing and How You Can Cash In On This…..

Posted on: May 26, 2011

Working for fortune 500 companies used to be the dream of every college graduating  student. The admiration from parents to teachers to friends was tremendous if it was known that one worked for a fortune 500 company. These companies took care of their employees by organizing company picnics, company family trips and recognition and compensation for innovative employees.  Most employees owned company stock within the companies they worked in, therefore they treated the company like it was their golden egg!

Even with the tough economic times,the employees were still more than willing to take pay cuts and rally  behind their company. Then, there was the one thing that fortune 500 companies completely failed to understand. or acknowledge. It was the one thing, that Oprah Winfrey talked about on her last day of her show. The one thing that Dale Carnegie talked about over 50 years ago in his book “How To Win Friends And Influence People“. The very basis that Zig Ziglar highlights in most of his books!

That one thing is the human right to be validated! To be heard and to be understood!

In one of Ziglar’s books he says that despite about 3 billion people going to sleep hungry for food for the body, there are about 4  billion people going to sleep everyday, hungry for appreciation, hungry to be heard,hungry for attention,hungry for contribution, hungry for importance and hungry for food for the soul! It is rather unfortunate that as a result of lack of this major property, many many people have lost faith and trust in fortune 500 companies. This has led to loss of revenue for the associated companies and even at times, a complete shutdown alert. Fact still remains, in majority of the times, people trade and do business with companies and merchants they are comfortable around !

So What Is The Major Opportunity For The Small Business Owner (s.b.o)?

  1. Close proximity to the  community. This is important for listening to your neighbors or prospects needs.
  2. Fortune 500 companies are cutting costs for vital programs, meanwhile as a s.b.o (small business owner) you get to boot strap by finding cheaper ways of doing the same stuff. Improvision.
  3. The Invention Of Social Media as a way of building a tribe.
  4. The mistrust of big corporations.
  5. Speed of implementation. The speed of implementation is very important as people tend to remember who was first in a category.

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I dugg some of you post as I thought they were extremely helpful very helpful

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