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My Intriguing Conversation With A 12 Year Old!

Posted on: May 25, 2011

A little girl walked up to me and asked if I was in school. Surprised by her blatant query I told her no. She then proceeded to ask if I worked and I said yes and then she asked me if I was making tons of money…..which I hurriedly replied with a big fat NO!  Her questions though very direct and piercing, were honest and I believe no one should be uncomfortable talking about what they do unless they are embarrassed or not passionate about it. Anyway, she proceeded to ask me why I wasn’t making a lot of money (At this time i really felt like someone had sent her!Or I should inject her with Lidocaine, a dental anesthetic to numb her reporter mouth! But I’m a nice guy so I decided to  proceed ) which I replied because you need to serve and deliver and have things to sell(something i kick myself in the foot everyday for not having set up yet, but working on it!).

In all fairness I thought I should return the favor by asking  her what she wanted to become when she grew up (finished high school, she was too grown putting me on the stand!) and she shouted “I want to be a doctor” and I asked her why. She said because doctors make a lot of money! I sat back and thought about this! This girl is 12 years old, smart enough to figure out what she wants to be but misled enough to figure out why a doctor. Then I remembered how every kid always wanted to become a doctor! I thought about the 8 years of schooling and another 2-3 of residency before one gets to practice! Then i thought about a the patients that needed your help and were constantly in pain some wailing some crying many screaming! I thought about all the patients friends and family who would blame you for fatalities and the law suits. I thought of how many people would appreciate what you do versus the income you make and the hours you put in.I thought about the patients, some friendly yet,others…..let’s say you would rather really hope to prescribe 5 grams of cyanide.(deadly element that induces natural heart attack) I then remembered the “Hippocratic Oath” you took as a Medical student, an oath that pormises to treat with no bias and to the best of your ability and all of a sudden i had new uttermost respect for doctors because only one that is passionate about what they do can undergo that much expectation! No wonder many doctors become chain smokers and die-hard alcoholics or drug addicts because of the pressure they are exposed to. Yet the very good ones, seem to survive! Then I thought about all the people who are in healthcare positions that don’t really like their jobs but were ill advised to do it by whoever because “You make tons of money” like the nurse out of New Jersey who killed most of his patients because he  didn’t care enough!

I finally looked that girl in the eye and with a deep breath, I told her as honestly as I could, “Before you choose any career, you better be well-informed and passionate about it, because, if the system doesn’t wear you out, the responsibilities sure will!”

Then I had an epiphany of when I was working in a lab down in North Carolina at 3.00 a.m. in the morning hating every moment of it and not having the guts to quit and I knew, right then and there, that I had given her the best advice I could ever give to a 12-year-old!

Lee Kariuki


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