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Fresh Graduates:My Commencement Speech……

Posted on: May 10, 2011

gradCongratulations all fresh graduates.  I know you encountered some sleepless nights at times  even asked yourself  if it would be worth it in the end and something deep inside told you to persevere and be strong . Something told you that if you left you would have yourself to blame! Well, all that has passed and now is the time to take a deep breath and at least relax after all the hard work you put in! The road may have been tough and long but despite every obstacle you knocked them out and thus the reason for this ceremony!. Enjoy and appreciate your efforts for it is not a great majority that undertakes and completes the mission that you have now accomplished. For this, I am truly proud of your new achievement.

O.K. enough of the celebratory talk  and here comes the reality. You have accomplished one part of your life and now the real reality will kick in soon. There are many many other graduates walking around unemployed. There are many many other experienced graduates who actually had jobs, walking around unemployed too. So, question number one and this will hit you maybe not this Monday, but surely within a week or so, after all, the fiesta is gone,

What are you going to do with the education you have acquired? Question two, do you need a job for you to feel purposeful? I already know there are some outliers who started networking and lining up their job options way back in advance, about a year prior to graduation. This, though, is for the majority, who concentrated and focused on the graduation and forgot all about the post-graduation. It’s Ok. I truly completely understand! !

I remember one guy telling me that graduating during a recession is the worst time to graduate.! What nonsense! You graduate when you are done with the program whether  it’s the spring, the summer, recession, depression or even a boom. Your graduation has nothing to do with the current or projected economic environment unless you  let it.

So, what is the fastest way to let the current economic situations affect your graduation? By allowing conventional, other people’s reality be your own! Don’t give it energy at all and focus precisely on the difference you can make in your level of expertise! Do it now when your naivety is working with you. Do it now before the handicaps of society inefficient doctrines reach and corrupt your “can do” attitude. Do it now when you don’t have excuses of age responsibility and agendas that have been shoved down to you.

The decisions you make for many years to come will solely be dependent on the actions you take now. You have proved that you’re capable of taking a set of instructions and a curriculum, commit to 4 years, forge alliances with fellow students and professors and then finally acquire the grades necessary to attend yesterday’s or today’s ceremony! Now it’s time you wrote your own damn(excuse my french) curriculum. It’s time you selectively chose who your partners are going to be and what results you want to achieve. The reason being in the real world, the grading system is majestically different from the college world. The real world cares about one thing. Can you deliver results? Oustanding results for that matter. Remember these three words if you don’t remember anything else. Define your KPI’s. Key performance indicators. Just like a business has KPI’s, you will also want to measure your life through individual KPI’s and this knowledge, you can’t find in textbooks. Here is an example of how I measure my individual KPI’s.

1. Do my actions promote the well-being of the people and that I love and care for?

2. Am I in a state of peace, love and happiness?

3. What impact do I have on the people I work with and how are the catapulting my growth to become the better version of me!

If you can answer these questions on a monthly basis with enthusiasm, content and anticipation then you are in the right place. If not, then you need to make changes ASAP. This is your guidance system.

Take heart. You will be fine as long as you remember the above 3 questions in everything you attempt. You will be successful. Now since you may have college loans and you can’t stay with the folks now that you have graduated, here are a few questions to consider when going after the job or business that you desire!

  • What makes me stand out with respect to the candidates that are applying?
  • What do I know about the company I want to do business with?
  • Other than just sending my résumé, how else can I “wow” the people hiring or customers buying my services and products into getting the attention I need in an ethical way?
  • What are my networks like?
  • How responsive are my networks?
  • Am I going to engage in what i love or am I going to make that excuse that I have bills and can’t afford to do what I love? (and this should be first) What impact/legacy/your burial speech/100th birthday/ would you want to be remembered for?(This by far is the most important question as once you know the end result, you can always backtrace to the actions you need to execute as of yesterday)

Most of us will work and get caught up in a maze and then after years of emptiness realize that they need to work on their legacy and trust their souls a little more! In this order…..

1. Impact 2. Purpose and 3. Reflect on your deep core values.

So this is a lot to lay on you as you wake up with a hangover. But come back to this guide time and time again. Adieus!

Oh and before I forget if I haven’t said it, here goes once again…….

Congratulations! I truly am proud of you!

Lee Kariuki


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