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The Starving Hyena

Posted on: April 6, 2011

There once lived a Hyena in a far away land that had not eaten for days. The Hyena patiently prayed day and night for something to eat, anything would be fine. He had grown weak from all the walking around and was in no condition to hunt for food.

One fine Saturday morning, while the hyena was strolling around aimlessly on “death mode”, the hyena came across one of the fattest cows he had ever witnessed in his life! Grazing aimlessly and tied to a tree ready for the picking! The hyena was so excited that he first knelt and said an hour long prayer to thank the heavenly father for this thy meal that he was getting ready to devour!  A whole big fat cow, tied to a tree was definitely more than luck! It was winning!

The foolish hyena was too greedy and decided to devour the cow starting with the rope that had tied it to the tree ! The cow closed his eyes and said one last prayer for he sensed from the victory dance performed by the hyena, he was the reason behind the celebration. The hyena stealthily walked over to the cow with a mouth filled by dripping saliva and greedily started devouring the rope! The cow had never believed in 2nd chances but knew this was the absolute time to escape. As soon as the rope loosened up, the cow made a run for freedom and left the hyena back at the same old situation! Hungry,dehydrated,exhausted and clueless of what had just happened! The hyena too was in shock….dinner, lunch had breakfast had just taken off!

The Lesson

We all get a chance to excel in life! When that chance comes, are you going to eat the ropes or devour the cow? Sometimes we pray and ask for the simplest of  favors/assistance/opportunity……and surprisingly, the opportunities do present themselves! Question is, will you be in the position to grab it and make the most of it or will you loose the opportunity because you didn’t know what matters? Everyday we pray and ask for a cow, but it is very unfortunate that when the cow comes, many of us devour the ropes rather than the actual cow and then the cow disappears! All you have been doing to this point is growing our working capital either through income or information or leverage, eventually with time the right opportunity shall present itself and IF you have to choose, get to eat the cow rather than the rope!:

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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