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Posted on: March 30, 2011

It’s about transformation! It’s about change either in the way something is done, how fast it is done or how efficiently  it is done all together! It is the sum of all the impact created to orchestrate a small or big change in the current or expected status quo. Ray Kroc won not because Mac Donald’s is still around, but because  he sold convenience through meals. Bill gates won because he sold convenience through the way we communicate using affordable desktops, Steve Jobs is still winning by selling convenience through the way we communicate on a micro level! Mark Zuckerberg is winning through reinventing the way we communicate! Winning is not only about money or how long one is successful, it also entails how one is redefining the current status quo of events for a better sustainable future with a more beneficial impact! It may entail sacrificing short term sales for long term impact!

If i were to ask you, what you are selling, what would be your response? You’re not selling? Everyone is selling something maybe not proactively but everyone is selling something! (Hint: What you are selling is not tangible)

Here are examples, An insurance firm is the business of wellness securities, the cable company is selling visual information for entertainment or knowledge purposes, the home alarm system is selling you the peace of mind from thugs, the automobile industry is selling you flexibility to be in different places, i am selling confidence to those shattered by forced career transitions…..get the drift! It is not the tangible item that you’re selling that counts but rather the outcome after consumption of the tangible item!

And to sell, you need to brand and to brand, you need to genuinely be interested in people and to genuinely be in to people you must have the winner mindset which is,

Wholly put yourself in the other persons shoes and deeply connect with what they are either experiencing or about to experience and find a solution without you even asking them verbally! Mark you everyone communicates precisely what they desire, problem is, are you listening or watching or in tuned with their energy vibrations?

Start the cycle!


Redefining Work!


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