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A Little Story About My Friend Stan….

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Stan was spending his regular weekend at the camp, a place where he and his closest entourage of ten devoured most weekends either watching games or playing games. This weekend, his closest friend Jim had decided rather than undergoing the regular routine of binge drinking and games, they were going to do something different.

This weekend he was going to teach him a little game called poker more specifically “Texas Fold em!” Stan being a natural at learning new challenges fully applied his cognitive skills and within no time he had understood the game! Stan further went on to play the game on a consistent basis online prior to finally gathering courage to step to the local bars where they play for free! He had started winning online and decided he was ready to approach real people on a real poker table!

His confidence was overwhelming! He was ready to take it to Atlantic city but on our advice, he decided to first make a huge victorious dent in the local circles! We gathered up for his first offline game and even took bets on projected time frame before he would be eliminated! It was quite the sight to miss! A mere 4 minutes and the boy was out! There was one major fundamental property he had not understood that the online games were not exposing him! The ability to read people! In more scientific terms, the psychology of people!He got bluffed left right and center and he actually fell for it! This was one area where he would have to take hits after hits before getting to master his space,comfort level and finally the intuition of comprehending his opponents! Stan, being extremely focused and competitive did not let his prior failures deter him from his Atlantic city dream to obliterate his competition! He played on a consistent basis 5 times a day and his game has greatly improved! Last i heard his projections where up to 180 minutes from 3! Hopefully this summer we can sponsor him to Atlantic City to see if he has acquired any lessons! Acquired or not, there is something we can all learn from poker but even more important from Stan.

  1. I am not necessarily an advocate of gambling, but practice makes perfect. The more consistent you are the greater your odds ratio the more likely an event will transpire.
  2. Never measure success in one arena as overall success as platforms and schematics do change despite the same underlying principles. Online versus Offline.
  3. Never bet what you’re not willing to lose. This should be the number one rule for everything you do in life from love to career to investments! If your not willing to cut your loses once something goes sour then don’t get in to it in the first place!
  4. Cockiness is a sure sign of failure! It bypasses logic and rational thinking! It is based on random events with no basis other than the ego! Rarely do people win on a cockiness tip! If you don’t believe me try it for yourself and let me know how far it will take you! Use strategy instead!
  5. In every game including winning, comprehension of psychology is your greatest tactic!
  6. Have fun…..

No really, have fun!

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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