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All the failed reasons to continue 2nd Guessing Yourself….

Posted on: March 25, 2011

Should i apply for that job? I may not have the qualifications! Should i try and sell this ebook? Not really sure anyone will buy! How about should i approach that gentleman or lady…..i don’t know, they may reject my advances or mistake my intentions…..but  next time i promise i’ll do it!

2nd guessing yourself……Stop it and just do it! Did you know that a lot of successful entities and discoveries were made by “just doing it” as in there was no contingency plan in place! Someone just decided, i will try and do this and see what happens and eventually found out there were on to something!

So what do you have to loose? Your reputation? oh please…….were not going to hold it against you for that long and besides we will be too busy thinking about ourselves! So that excuse has been scratched…… next! You’re afraid of failure? We all are….honestly! But(never start a sentence with but) look at it this way it’s not really failure if you learn something out of it….is it? So technically you didn’t fail, you just learned what works and what doesn’t! Ok now you need to come up with real excuses why you won’t engage in that activity your passionate about! Money…you say? Did i hear you correctly? Money really? Ok! If you need money to engage in that activity your passionate about then either you lack a sense of creativity or you need to find a new passion! Most of the successful businesses that were started initially started with very very little financial investment! For the most part, time and knowledge were the greater investment. Bootstrap your product or service until the point where you can afford to pump in cash returns(upon generation of sales) and we the consumers understand that as long as it has value to us and we can clearly see the benefit, we will be your evangelists! Besides imagine if every idea we had was funded? How much debt do you think businessmen would be incurring? How many businesses do you know that were actually funded and never realized even i cent of profit due to financial mismanagement? It is a blessing when you don’t have other peoples money for starters……until the point you have enough proof of principle! Remember we are human too and we want to be part of something that will eventually turn big so that we can proudly say “i watched that business from scratch or i helped build that business or i was involved in that business!” All you have to do is “GIVE US A REASON”

So there you have it! All the failed reasons to stop 2nd guessing yourself!

Stop the 2nd guessing and just do it!

You may just have the next……..

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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