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An Air Hostess Redefined Work Like A Pro……

Posted on: March 23, 2011

As I was flying from Raleigh to Memphis, there was a lady that caught my attention. She looked like she was in her early forty’s blonde with a height of five six no greater than five seven with no make up on.Her hair brushed to the back with her uniform well pressed almost starched with her top reflecting white you would need sunglasses on. Her smile was plain,daring,irresistible and she didn’t even smell bad at all. She cheerfully greeted the passengers coming onboard while exhuming a natural glowing demeanor like state farm…..”you will be in good hands”. It’s was the first time in my life that i have flown, without paying attention to the pilot or the passengers! She robbed him and every one of the show and not in a cocky way, but in a way that communicated loud and clear ” I Love What I Do!”

Twenty minutes in to the flight,she asked how i was doing and what beverage i would love to consume! Standard procedure nothing fancy about that! What caught my attention though, is the tone and attitude she used. It really felt like she really wanted to know how my day was and there was no way i was going to give her the normal “fine” answer. So i told her how my day was and we struck a conversation! It wasn’t surprising that she managed to strike a friendly conversation with almost everyone on the plane.  She went around making sure everyone was fine beverage wise, snack wise and comfort wise despite the flight being bumpy from the extreme turbulence we experienced from external winds! As i consumed my beverage i thought about the lesson that we could all use from this isolated experience……and like “the ants went marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah”  the lessons trickled in one by one!

The Lessons

Lesson 1. Learned: You may think that your job is too inconsequential for anyone to notice your attitude. Wrong! Think Again.

Lesson 2. Learned: Even if you don’t entirely love what you do, find the part of your job that gets you excited and focus your energies on that part.

Lesson 3. Learned: Go above and beyond your call of duty! It may not be a need for now, but do you ever sit and wonder why some people never get affected by lay offs?

Lesson 4 Learned: You don’t have to be a heavy weight with a heavy budget to communicate your brand and build one while you’re at it! Brands are communicated most effectively  in extremely subtle ways because they leave an imprint on your brain more than anything else!

Despite the plane being smaller than the ones I am accustomed to flying(distance was shorter anyway!), the lady was very hospitable and I sure did learn some lessons from her! Sometimes the strangest lessons come from the most bizarre environments! It is during those instances, that the lessons stick with us forever!

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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