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Go Lean…..

Posted on: March 15, 2011

In your diet, in your spending, in execution and facilitation of results! We are faced with some real challenges, gas prices going up, employment rates going down and natural disasters taking charge! Some we have control over others we really don’t! The one’s you don’t have control over shouldn’t really have you constipated as really there is no impact you have on them! BUT(and i will always repeat this never start a sentence with BUT!) the ones that you do have control over, are the ones that you should be working on!

For example, you can not be worried about what someone else will think of work that you engage in because that is a factor you have no control over, however, you can deliver the best work to the best of your ability eventually keeping your conscious clear!

So what does going lean entail? It simply means that you extract the optimal results from the limited resources that you have! Limited information? Not sure if you should pursue that client….go lean! Budget cuts and you can’t hire the help you need to have hired……go lean don’t double the work(that will make the few employees present want to quit and have a disliking!) but on the contrary find the 20% that delivers your 80%…go lean! Dating and you can’t make up your mind if she or he is the right one?…..go lean…with the minimal information you can start by acknowledging what you like…..then what you don’t… they cancel each other? Time to get back in to the dating scene if not, pursue date two…..go lean! Can’t afford meat or poultry for dinner….go lean find protein substitutes like legumes and sprouts!

I have noticed from my personal experience that when i became exorbitant it wasn’t even for my personal satisfaction,but rather, it was to please someone else(ego incentive) and that was one of the dumbest(excuse my french) reasons to have for spontaneous exorbitant spending! My friend, there comes a time you have to do for you because you love you and you want to live a happy fulfilled life! Going lean, by the way  doesn’t mean you are cheap, it just means you are sensible about your decisions!

Go lean Go Lean Go lean and not only during recessions , but even during surplus times! It’s the noble way to live!

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work!


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