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Posted on: March 11, 2011

Freedom fighters, fight against hunger,fight against poverty, the revolution against Gaddafi…….these are all causes! Whether justifiable or not depends on the people involved.

One thing though is the fact that causes are an easy way of branding. Here are some questions to ponder prior to pursuing a cause.

  1. Is there a tribe or community rallying up to join you in your quest?
  2. Is there purpose centered around your quest?
  3. Is it driven by your Ego?
  4. Who is the beneficiary?

A lot of times though, causes enhance the very thing that the cause is trying to eradicate. Freedom fighters become tyrants, fight against poverty enhances dependency which creates more poverty and so forth BUT that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a socio-economic responsibility to the cause. It only means that when we engage in a cause, we first accept that there is a problem, second, we do what we can individually(at first then the resultant will be the community), proactively rather than reactively (One is in response to a stimulus while the other is in anticipation of a stimulus) and as long as it is our best effort we can no longer have any regrets….conscious mad clear!

What we resist, persists….Carl Jung.

What we accept, we conquer

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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