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A drop In the Ocean…..

Posted on: March 8, 2011

There are close to 255 million websites around. There are approximately 1.97 billion internet users worldwide. [check source : Web Stats] Now applying the Pareto principle, out of all the 255 million websites only about 20% get all the traffic which if my math is super that is 5.1 million which from research we already know is way less than that!

Now would you rather try add to the above statistic by creating the 255,000,001th website or find ways to leverage your content so that your brand appears within the 5.1 million “creme la creme”?

The point here is as an unemployed new college grad or a laid of worker, you are better of hanging out where the targeted traffic is or finding a way to create interest in a very unique skill and dominating that entire sub section. It’s what marketers call micro-niche marketing.  Micro-niche marketing has three major advantages:-

  1. Discover new untapped markets
  2. Helps you get extremely detailed about what you do or offer rather than being broad about it
  3. Guarantees you get the attention and positioning necessary to break the ice to communicate your brand.

You don’t need a million users! Heck you don’t even need 100,000 of them! What you do need though is to decide where your substance and impact will be mostly felt!

At the end of the day, one can compete with the big fish and win but that will entail a huge time and smarts investment (since huge fish have fat pockets) and as the college grad or the freshly unemployed, getting on your feet is the greatest priority. Before you start, analyze the intention, is it Ego driven or impact driven?

Whatever the case, one can easily become comfortable and make a major difference being that big fish in the small pond!

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work


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