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The Gradient…..

Posted on: March 7, 2011

A gradient is simply a difference in heights or concentrations or even income. Thing is whenever there is a difference in the internal property of any item whereby one is flowing from high to low, then there is a gradient.

The gradient with respect to work and employment is the difference in motivation. It is the motivational gradient that makes people do what we define as work. Get an educated individual, scope his potential, motivate him with your vision and compensate him with decent pay and you will have created a gradient. He will be more than willing to come to work even on his off days because you have created a gradient. Something intrinsic that resonates with his core values! Do this to a large number of people with a great deal of consistency and you will have created a culture.

Quite on the contrary to popular belief, money could create a short term gradient, but in the long term, the intrinsic match of one’s core values and those of the company will further create a steeper gradient. Besides how do you think your lights, your tv,your shaver all work? There is exists an electron gradient called a potential difference that allows electricity to flow from the source to your gadget!

Find that gradient within you and pass it on to your employees!

Lee Kariuki

Redefining Work.


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