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The Point Of Maximum Disorder S (Entropy)

Posted on: February 8, 2011

The entrepreneur understands this principle! It is through disruption of order that new discoveries are made. New markets are established. Why  even perfect something that has been discovered or perfected already simply because someone else is profiting or that will create a “me too” experience?

In thermodynamics, a system with high entropy(disorder) is mostly spontaneous, meaning likely to proceed in the forward direction! Example, for  scent to diffuse in a room or an ice block  to melt in lukewarm water, particles need to diffuse from a high concentration to disperse in random disorderly behavior before equilibrium can take place i.e. the water is all at the same temperature or the scent is evenly distributed through out the room .  As an entrepreneur the maximum profits are realized when the “normal” way of doing things is disrupted through overcoming the resistance, to finally finding a more meaningful method or product that will eventually reach equilibrium with the environment! Disrupt order by doing the unthinkable, the unexpected and the unimaginable and get some ENTROPY in your life! Otherwise there is no glory in doing what your neighbor is doing!


Lee Kariuki




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