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Competition On Price Is Never A Good Idea…..Search For The 20%

Posted on: January 6, 2011

How does Whole Foods still stay profitable besides  being a high-end store? The food there is not cheap and the premise that the economy is bad is partially true and would totally be true if you amended the part of “BUT not for everybody!” There is still a 20% running the 80% of most economies in most countries! Your work here is to find the 20% and seduce their wallets by adding more value or solve a problem they are experiencing! It’s like nectar to bees or strip clubs to sailors build it and they will come but you also have to get proactive!

2nd find multiple streams to lure them in! Just one marketing strategy is not enough! Get creative! Get Innovative! Do your research! Mental strategy is about 60-80% of the expected result and the remainder is execution! Spend some time in design then spend time in execution then spend some time in analyzing the discrepancy and tweak to perfection!


Have a wonderful day!


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