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Excuse My Absence I have been Rubbing The Crystal Ball….

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Happy New Year to all the readers,followers and supporters of “The Unemployment Dojo” I know i am a tad late in my New Year salutations but better late than never! 2011 is already a wonderful year and the trend lines show it! A strong fresh start is never a bad thing!

Now lately i have been consulting with the crystal ball asking some very very evolutionary questions on business trends,predictions and even management and at one point we literally had to dip the ball in water to let it cool down from all the heat that was being dissipated!

Words from The Crystal Ball

  1. 2011 is going to be the year of psychology-understanding and humanizing systems.Companies that are compassionate and offer solutions as a result of being empathetic will be favored over outsourced,automation driven companies.Reason: People want to feel important and know that their business is appreciated. If i spend my hard scarce earned money on your business the least you could do is acknowledge my presence.
  2. Global expansion through effective supply chain management will almost be mandatory! Concentrating on one location may cost you in the long term unless you are comfortable and profitable maintaining your magnitude.
  3. Creativity and innovation through consciousness at our places of work will be the culture of successful post recession companies. No more clock in at 8.00 am “facebook” to 12.00 break for lunch and still stay employed for 10 plus years! The tolerance threshold is getting thinner and thinner BUT on the contrary work will be more exciting! Employees will be given all the resources to do their work with minimal supervision! There will be more telecommuters and work from home positions! REASON: Outsourcing,Automation and Obsolescence! Routine jobs-outsourced or automated and redundant jobs-obsolete therefore the only jobs that will really mean something are jobs where creativity and innovation is involved and these have a lot of flexibility.
  4. External properties like sign on bonus and stock options won’t be the SI unit to increase productivity! As people become more and more aware, their motivation will be geared mostly by happiness levels, internal challenges and most important internal morals-intrinsic values will be what decides whether someone will take a job or even stay motivated to work! Reason: People tasted what it felt like to be employed for 50 years and be chased like you stole something all in the name of corporate downsizing!
  5. Thanks to Tim Ferris it won’t be baffling to hear a guy from New York City living and doing business in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania! He sold the blue print to mini retirements and since a good % of the western world is unemployed, people will be willing to take more risks outside their comfort zone.
  6. The people that submit resumes’ will be the ones unemployed! Quite a statement eh! The people who are busy solving problems will be the ones to be employed….Their activities will be their resumes!
  7. Crowd sourcing! The real solutions will lie with the people who will be more than willing to solve problems and offer solutions just to feel they are part of a larger community! Humanity(back to number 1 again)
  8. Social businesses/purpose business will be more profitable in the long run compared to profit driven businesses or for profit endeavors! Finally,
  9. Their will be more people brands emerging as the realization that brands are harder to:-
  • Outsource
  • Automate
  • Deem Obsolete

This is what the Crystal ball has been saying! You of course have the option of agreeing or disputing…’s always a choice! In the meantime, i will have this ball at arms length in preparation for the next round of predictions!

Lets start the year with a huge leap of faith that 2011 will be better than 2010!

Lee Kariuki

Re-defining Work!


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