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Posted on: December 16, 2010


During the Unemployment tour, I met a long time friend who hesitantly (uncomfortable is more like it) informed me that he was engaged to a beautiful girl that he loves very dearly! The analytical genes within started pondering on what it means to engage. In most verbal and non verbal interactions, most people teach, they don’t interact! Now what does teaching mean? Teaching is where one’s opinion, knowledge base, intuition or even education is imparted with zero or minimal input from the party on the receiving end. Part of the problem with our education system is that …….teachers teach! Yes quite the oxymoron as that is what they are supposed to do! Supposed is right if we want to keep pumping out “yes maam’s” and robots that follow SOP’S (standard operating procedures) to the core! To become innovative and creative we need moderators not teachers! A moderator is one that engages and is solely present to keep order due to the enthusiasm of the back and forth exchange of ideas and solutions to an existing problem. They only time they intervene is when a statement is made that is extremely wrong or has been tested to be wrong and of course, for their insight based on experience!

First of, If imparting knowledge is your profession and nothing much has changed or you haven’t learned anything new from when you started you’re career then maybe you should find something else! With the new paradigm, teachers become students and students become teachers! They ENGAGE! The perfect guidance one can get as a student is training that will force the recipient to think, to create and to innovate with the knowledge received. Just like a chef, who goes in to a new kitchen(i have cooked many meals for bachelors who didn’t even have salt and were amazed by the end product!) you don’t complain about there being no salt or seasoning, but rather with the knowledge base acquired you can and will create a meal with the condiments at hand!

How to engage

1.       Ask questions that everyone is avoiding

2.       Don’t make the question receive “yes” or “no” answers

3.       Involve the big picture

4.       Awaken interest in the person being asked

5.       Ask questions that you really don’t know the answer to

6.       If the answer can be googled and found in one instance, save it! Ask a question that needs three or four google searches!

7.       Apply stories

8.       Apply a little humor

9.       Show interest when receiving the answer! This is huge(seen some people make faces the minute someone talks….not nice)

10.   Enjoy the learning process and show enthusiasm and eagerness!

Be blessed!


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