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The Underlying Strategy That Beats Recessions Hands Down…..

Posted on: December 1, 2010

This is not the first recession!Neither will it be the last! You are a brand by birth! A true vibration of molecules and atoms ! You are smart but there is someone who is smarter! You are intelligent but there is someone who is more intelligent! You are an individual, but part of a community! With that said you have a problem, But collectively your community faces the same problem! To be quite honest the book with all the strategies on business and life is the bible! (I’m steering of topic but never mind let me build this case!)

Here comes,

Why would you by any chance attempt to go at a problem alone when in reality you have

  1. God‘s power backing you up
  2. The community facing the same problem backing you up

Thing is you can try be an entity by yourself and you may even win a little but there is no way longevity is in your plan! You will burn out eventually supporting the masses in the same quest that resonated with you initially!

I remember times when a neighbor would be out of sugar and they would ask for a cup or a neighbor needed gas and we would give them a ride and when we were in need our neighbors assistance was always a doorbell away! We have to get back to unity for the saying there is strength in number’s is not just a saying! It is greater than a strategy ! It is a way of life! Give and you shall receive! One of the underlying reasons this recession is really hurting the masses is because this basic principle of sharing was negated or ignored! People started amassing wealth and thought they were bigger than God and stopped practicing these basic life rules! Start NOW! Whatever you are experiencing, there is a community, join them for there is collective impact in numbers than in singularity!

On that note on Dec 7th we will be meeting at the (Nairobi,Kenya Linchpin Event)Savannah Cafe (Next to General Accident House) for the worldwide “local” Nairobi linchpin event! If you are in the Nairobi.Kenya  area or know someone who is, please extend this invitation and here are the links where you can register:-

  1. The Meet Up
  2. The Facebook Page

For those who will not be in Kenya there are many many scheduled linchpin events around the world! Find one here and participate in your community!

Please Do Re-Tweet

Thank You.

Lee Kariuki


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