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A Special Kind Of Opportunity for A special Kind Of Person….

Posted on: November 24, 2010

For the last few months Noam Kostucki and I have been collaborating on a project about branding. We have been doing it via Skype! Now here is where you come in! We already have about 8 hours worth of audio and are just looking for someone who can:-

  1. Listen to the recording we have made to get a framework of what we are trying to communicate
  2. Have the artistic flexibility to transcribe the content in your own words that best engage the reader!

Below is a brief synopsis of what the book entails! If you’re interested in this unique opportunity, to be considered,please send  an email to both :-

  1. and

Only the first 20 people will be given priority! Below is the link to the opportunity details.


The Challenge

Interested parties are expected to respond by Thursday Midnight PST.

Lee Kariuki & Noam Kostucki



2 Responses to "A Special Kind Of Opportunity for A special Kind Of Person…."

This is good. Later, when we speak next, remind me to share a thought on how you did the linking of this page, which might help. For now, though, really glad to be able to start connecting you with ppl u need to know. I should probably SKYPE Noam too, soon, right?

Best of health and warmer weather in your upcoming travels,


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