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The Fastest way to move forward……

Posted on: November 19, 2010

is to overcome the path with maximum resistance! Every physical body(business) is either at rest or in motion….(impact wise or profit wise) To predict how fast the business stays in motion or at rest, one simply has to observe the activity being focused on! In every event, there are critical parameters that have to be overcome for an activity to proceed forward or maintain motion!

These are the parameters that majority “duck” and hence the fundamental reason why many businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy or failing. Bad times or a recession is not a satisfactory reason why a business should or is failing! That’s not good enough! The real reason is bad management during times of financial boom which were “camouflaged” by unexplainable profits which was fine when things were good(you could afford to get away with it) but magnified when the economy deteriorated.

Here are examples of the “rate determining steps” (from a reaction kinetics perspective)

  1. You are an author, the rate determining step is in your marketing not the book!
  2. You are a chef, the rate determining step is in the food preparation not the cooking!
  3. You are single, the rate determining step is in your confidence not your looks!
  4. You are a smoker mostly when drinking, the rate determining step is to stop drinking, not smoking(you will be lying to yourself to try cold turkey the habit! and the rate determining step to stopping drinking is your will power!)

Ok you get the drift! The rate determining step, by definition, is the step that if omitted, the entire operation falls apart!  You loose focus for a minute and the entire operation falls apart! In a book written by Donald Trump about “The art of the deal” he emphasized on minding your business and doing the rate determining step! Mac Donald’s is known for fast burgers not tasty burgers…..that’s their business and their rate determining step(how fast the sell their burgers!) is “real estate” Real estate on the web,on TV, on the net! They have done extremely well in this venture and that’s why their brand is so successful! Focus on your “business” and don’t forget to embark on the step that makes you uncomfortable so that you can do what we are comfortable at! It’s physics, it’s kinetics, it’s business!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lee Kariuki


1 Response to "The Fastest way to move forward……"

Now pondering the “rate determining step.” Funny, I read Trump’s book 20+ yrs ago, didn’t get that.
Let’s talk on diet and also, my consulting business. Hope to give/take with you. SKYPE osakasaul pls?
** Check out what I did in #in, Lee!

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