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We Are Always Hiring………..

Posted on: November 18, 2010

Instead of crying wolf about “no one is hiring” here is a list of sectors that need your help and are hiring out of control!

  1. The rise of the de-evaluation of the dollar!
  2. The large number of baby boomers that start retiring!
  3. The increasing concern about jobs becoming obsolete !
  4. The exponential increasing national debt!
  5. The lack of financial education among a good number of us!
  6. The dis-solution of the middle class being completely wiped out!
  7. The exponential increasing national debt!
  8. The decrease in wages.
  9. The dependency of people on government to salvage their economic situations.
  10. The rising energy costs as oil sky rockets yet alternative energy is still an issue
  11. Health care and pension investments are going bankrupt!
  12. Depletion of food resources as population increases worldwide
  13. Savings decreasing in value as a result of the unforeseen tax!(Inflation!)

So yes we are hiring globally! Take your pick anyone of these have extreme amounts of job security if you van make a personal commitment to embark on their solution! Truth be told, not one government or body can alleviate the above jobs! We are all responsible! We all have a part to play and if you concentrate on just embarking on one in a small way……we can all create change and not the change you receive after you purchase an item, but the change of implementing and taking responsibility for years and years of our own ego’s and selfish acts! These are not white or black problems rich or poor problems! They are not even male or female problems….they are problems that affect and will affect everybody!

Start Working!


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