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The toothless man that dared to bite the snake ………….

Posted on: November 17, 2010

He was tired! He was frustrated and he was wondering why snakes kept on biting him? Majority of the time snakes dissipate venom that upon injected to the blood stream travel with enormous speeds towards the heart causing hemolysis which is the disruption of red blood cells by disintegrating haemoglobin the oxygen binding enzyme from the blood plasma.

Everyday you wake up and copy what someone else is doing you are essentially getting bit by the snake! When you copy someone’s strategy or do what everyone else is doing and expecting the same results, you are getting bit by the snake! The man who bites the snake is the man who is filled with courage hope and desire to make the change for him and his future generation! You don’t need sharpened mandibles you don’t even need teeth for that matter but what you do need is heart! The very heart the snake is trying to destroy is the one that will set you free! At the end it’s a matter of who gets to the heart first is it your will power or the snake venom? Both are extremely poisonous.

Resist and desist from getting another snake bite! Get will power!



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