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Creating and Delivering “WoW”…….

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Lately i have noticed that there are a lot of people trying their luck at this internet marketing thing! There are more players in the game, more brutal markets that won’t let you sleep and want to send you material about buy this and buy that every second you turn around!

Then the million dollar question is….why isn’t anyone buying? Why are people not responding? I thought this would be the next big thing but the market crushed my feelings!

Here’s why:-

Please before you embark on business do yourself a favor and do some research! Sieve out the emotions of anger at your previous job and fear of going broke and this is what people need!(That will break your heart!) Instead look at the trends and see how your knowledge, knowledge of resources and networks can be applied to solve a problem first, then second avoid a problem and lastly improve a product by savings on either time or money!

The thing is as entrepreneurs, we tend to get way ahead of ourselves a lot of times and forget about the market that we are targeting in the first place! We all know by now that the company with the most business isn’t the company that has the most money but rather the company that gets the greatest attention! To get attention, your company has to create and deliver “WOW“…….and what is wow?

WoW is the property of a good or service that exists, but has never been pursued until one ingenious innovative linchpin dusts the lamp and all of a sudden a genie comes alive and now we demand and expect it as part of our requirement and if we don’t get it and the companies that don’t offer this “extra” service or product, loose all the business!

Here is an example:

Blockbuster for years was the leading entity when it came to video and DVD rentals! It wasn’t until Netflix got in to the scene did blockbuster try to implement the rent movies online and no late fees! A strategy that Netflix forced blockbuster to adapt! They forced blockbuster to change their business model by creating this “WoW” with no late fees! The user started expecting it and then came in RedBox that suddenly put blockbuster to shame by offering the $1 rental, a price point BB couldn’t compete on!

Another example! Virgin America may not be the cheapest ariline around but  is also creating “WoW”…..They offer meals when you’re hungry (you order them through a digitized console screen)not like the old boarding school routine when everyone eats  a cheese sandwich and some water at 7.30pm and lights are out at 9.00pm like most other airlines do!

How about the sandwich shop in Federal Way, Wa  that only uses fresh bread and when the dough for baking fresh bread is out, they close their shop! How “WoW” is that! “WoW” is not a property that you fake! It is a property that deeply exists within you through re-discovering your identity……your brand! When you know who you really are, creating “WoW” is not a job to you! It comes naturally! You just don’t know how little things can go a long way to creating “WoW”!

Here are some tips (i learned this from back in my hey days when i used to woo the ladies) and you can apply it too to your business and yes to your love life:-

  1. Think of an activity or product that you knew if your prospect or partner or wife had would make their life much much more bearable and get it for them without making a fuss! It could be offering a warm meal when you know they are coming home from work late, or if you were a barber have someone shine people’s shoes while they waited for their haircuts keep them looking fresh all over or even have a shower for them to refresh and do a change of clothes!
  2. Implement the activity! Make sure it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg because this will cost you heavily in the long run! It has to be pertinent, relatively cheap and create WOW! Nothing exorbitant!
  3. Become the customer! Think and behave exactly like the customer..what do they want what is most important to them what is the one thing if they got would completely put them at ease!
  4. Make it personal! Nothing like someone remembering your birthday,your sons birthday your mothers wedding day(ok maybe not that detailed!) but you get the picture! Everyone in them want’s a sense of feeling important and to know that they will or are missed!

`Remember this one thing no one really knows what they miss or need until the experience it… is your duty to build an extraordinary experience for others in everything you do and offer and everyone else will return the favor by creating an extraordinary experience for you! Never attended a Micheal Jackson concert but i heard it was one of the most energetic performances you could ever witness in your living life! I am sure he knew about this concept! Now you do too!

Have A “WoW” day!

Redefining Work!

Lee Kariuki


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