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The Greatest Philanthropic Gift You Can Give…….

Posted on: October 19, 2010

It’s not money, it’s not even food! Guess again…….it’s your technical know how! The gift of education! I was watching the executive vision show on CNBC yesterday and a lady said something quite profound about the situation in Haiti! She said that the people in Haiti more than anything else just want jobs and it’s interesting because a good majority of us here in the United States want jobs too! So the problem is not that jobs can not be created, the problem is that the way jobs are being executed is changing and some companies are still stuck doing things in the past and expecting today’s results! Here’s an example, some of the people running the huge companies, still believe in advertising on newspapers despite the decline in readership and the cost of reach per individual! With just a fraction of that budget you can have a larger more targeted audience on the internet! Don’t get me wrong as i am still a strong supporter of both online and offline advertising but through analysis you have to go where you get the most bang for your buck!

Any business that caters to the “common” mans needs(food,clothes, shelter, information and health) without a doubt will become successful! The “common” man more than anything is in need of information/education! It is education or information that is the new currency! The people with the vast wealth of knowledge are being paid to think and as the internet levels out this once upon a time rare resource, it is my belief that it will take time before the globe at large follows suit if it hasn’t started happening already!(access to the internet!) While that happens, you the educated are charged with a huge responsibility!

The Onus is on you! For a second could you stop thinking about yourself please!  There are teachers right now that don’t have job and their job is so detrimental to the future economic status of a nation and yet the demand for education is tremendous! I remember tutoring math while in college and there were these college seniors that were getting ready to graduate that couldn’t do simple Algebra and normally this wouldn’t have alarmed me but the fact that they were science majors puzzled me! Don’t wait for a bell or a whistle to go off or a paycheck to come in for you to take responsibility! Be pro-active! The best philanthropic gift you can give is your education! Reach One teach one! It could be a kid or an adult who needs help not to eat fish…….but to fish! Muhammad Yunus changed a county’s economy by starting out with one micro loan! changed a globe’s perspective to micro financing! Tom’s shoes started giving out every pair for a pair sold! So everywhere you look around there are examples of what philanthropic work can do! It is the purposeful drive for what you do! It is the only sane way to stay unemployed and is more fulfilling than any job you could ever have in your lifetime! Try it today!

Give something away…..not just something you have no use for, but something you treasure! Something that is of sentimental value and remember that it has to impact the recipient! You are charged with this responsibility! You were given an opportunity to acquire an education or a college degree or even some street smarts…Now you must give back…….share it give it away and help someone!

Lee Kariuki!

Redefining Work!

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