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Hit the Sweetspot,Jackpot…….Everyday!

Posted on: October 18, 2010

The jackpot is not an event in time and space! The jackpot is not even a fixed point where one reaches and the whole world stops! Surprisingly, when you do hit the jackpot, whoever didn’t, still has to go to work! Whoever didn’t, still has to do the very thing they do everyday and quite honestly so do you(if you are strategic)! Nothing much will change other than your purchasing power which feels good for that moment until it gets to your head! Then you start becoming reckless and forget to do the very things that got you to the jackpot! The disciplined achiever knows that the jackpot is achieved day by day! The disciplined achiever is very aware and conscious to his or her own identity and knows the jackpot doesn’t define who they are, but rather they define where their jackpots go! They have a clear cut defined system to channel every single jack that comes in to their pot! They made plans way before the jackpot ever came and quite frankly, the extreme jackpotters, don’t even show it!

So what is a Jackpot?

The jackpot is a cumulative series of mini jackpots that add up day by day until one fine day it explodes in to one memorable event! Just like for a muscle to grow, it needs nurturing,it needs nutrients and it needs passion,care and exercise day by day on a consistent basis! The one day when you wake up, the t-shirt that looked like a dress starts to fit,feel and look right!

The Jackpot Formula

mini jackpot +mini jackpot +mini jackpot = EXPLOSIVE JACKPOT!

The fastest and simplest way to fail is to start concentrating on what everyone is doing! You start to lose focus! You become desperate and then in a flash you start buying everything but the only commodities that you need to build your business! Today business is a mindset first, then action second! You need both! Action without strategy is called testing! Strategy without action is called dreaming! I am surprised at how many people will dream up a business and never get the first leg in and then i am surprised at how many people will act once and fail and then run up to a corner and cry their misery out!

Reality is ……you will bump in to obstacles but never take it personal! You are not a bad person….i promise you and no one hates you as a matter of fact, they envy you and admire you and deep down they wish they could take the risk and be bold like you to take the first step, but they are afraid, afraid of what you may think of them! From my previous post How A Scientific Concept Can Change Your Life….. failure is just a word used to describe the path a tad bit short of success! We all have jack pots we achieve everyday! When you get out of bed, that’s a jackpot, when you shower and get dressed up to attend to your daily endeavors, that’s a jackpot! It’s one less activity you have to take as you engage on your mission! So in reality you are jack potting everyday and you don’t even know it! So what if others have bigger pots and are bagging all the jacks? So what your pot is not as big as theirs? Reality is we are not competing and if your jackpot is full then good for you! Despite our deep biological similarities, we are 0.00001% different and that is more than enough to give us our own unique identity! The greatest competition you can ever have, is with yourself! Remember that ! When you conquer those opposing forces that keep on telling you how awkward and ridiculous you are… have already slayed the Giant! You have conquered and are well on way to getting the explosive JACKPOT!

Start today…,start somewhere, start NOW if necessary and take notes….the ride is interesting and in the end no results are guaranteed but please do Enjoy and Engage!

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Redefining Work!

Lee Kariuki


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