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Data, Numbers and Statistics………..

Posted on: October 10, 2010

What is a number? What is data and what is statistics?

The Unemployment rates are 10% (What does that mean? )Crime rate is now 5%( Of what?) The divorce rate is 60%(of who?)………This is clearly not information!

Definition Of Data: Numbers that can be manipultaed or extracted , through statistics to provide information! For data to exist there has to be a process to collect this data! Data is,  made up of numbers and in some instances, characters (the characters have some sort of meaning! Like grade A meaning very good which correlates to 4 points(the GPA system of grading)

Numbers are the back bone used to make, justify and define events and situations! Not all situations will be exclusively be defined by numbers BUT numbers have a flowery way of communicating trends present and the future! Statistics on the other hand is the science of stroy telling using numbers! Now the main problem is when it used as a tool to create a story or defend a story rather than regurgitate the story! Below is check list of how data is collected and information extrected.

Process of Information Extraction:-

  1. Collect the data..Unbiasedly! Don’t even assume that you don’t know anything because you are already assuming! “You don’t know anything” See it from the eyes of a child pure inqusitiveness and from a position of what is going on here! Scientifically you need at least 3 trials to prove an event occurence! Mark you remember that the more tests you run the closer you are to the true value……trying to find a trend!
  2. Calssify the data! Can’t mix oranges and mangoes…..put everything in the right group! Pie charts, bar graphs..some simple easy way of characterizing the data!
  3. Extract information! Here is where you need to sit with the experts who have see similar trends and can use this information to extract information!

UNTIL THIS PROCESS IS DONE (THIS PROCESS ALSO NEEDS TO BE CALIBRATED BY CHECKING FOR ROBUSTNESS(The art of testing a process to see if the process will catch wrong occurences during operations)) EVERYTHING ELSE IS DATA!

Statistics is the process of extracting information from data!

Enough of this nerdy stuff!


Have a stat 10-10-10 day


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