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“Pay Me What I am Worth”………..

Posted on: October 7, 2010

To win in any game you must first understand the rules! The rules of what game is being played, when the game is played and why the game is played! Getting paid what your worth is synonymous to a game! To get paid what you are worth three questions need to be fulfilled.

  1. What are you worth ?
  2. When are you worth it?
  3. Why are you worth it

The first thing to remember is that your worth is directly proportional to the number of people you give to! The more you give, the more your are worth! Givers really do get!

A couple of weeks ago i met a very unique gentleman on Linkedin by the name SOULDANCER.(and yes his real name is soul dancer) a few days later we exchanged contacts and decided to talk on one Friday evening! It was interesting that we both shared very similar philosophies about what was going on with the world and business and even about being a facilitator rather than a doer! As the conversation kept growing, we got to a point where we felt like many many people were being underpaid simply because they either didn’t know what they were worth or were too scared to demand their true value’s worth!As we talked, we shared some of the challenges we experienced as authors and how the whole publishing model has changed! Anyway, SOULDANCER happened to have written a book that caught my attention immediately and as i read the topics i knew i had to share with the readers of this blog some of the tips on there!

Well SOULDANCER‘s book “PAY ME WHAT I AM WORTH” is an action driven book that has exercises that will guarantee you get paid exactly what you are worth! It is an action book! Most of the books you read are written from a point of communicating knowledge, no action………NOT THIS ONE!

The first section has detailed exercises of understanding the why, how and when of getting paid! The second section goes through the schematics of how worth is determined! I would definately recommend this especially if you are not sure how much to charge for your services or feel like you are not getting paid your worth!

Remember your worth is also a reflection of your internal mind state! There is no way you could ever charge for anything if deep down internally you don’t feel like you’re worth it! Charge accordingly and let SOULDANCER take you through the entire step of correct pricing and receiving(this is the important part) what you’re worth!

$19.95 is a small price to pay to rectify the how,why and when of getting paid what you are worth!

Give it a try…………………….CLICK HERE


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