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Is It An Accident that Apple’s three block buster products start with “i”?

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Case Study: Apple ComputersMarketing Strategy:

1. The” Name” Marketing Strategy

What is in a name? A name is everything! It is the start of your marketing!Apple started with a catchy phrase “Think Different” Short, precise,simple and easily understood! Next the way they named their three blockbusters…..”i”pad,”i”pod,”i”tunes………….why would they do that? If  ….”a true sense of ownership by the end user”is what you had in mind then we are more than friends already! When you purchase an “i” whatever… are already making a statement! You already feel like part owner of a successful company! I, is an ownership word! So from the very beginning before even getting in to the schematics or the technicalities of the product…….at this point your guard has already been lowered by the nomenclature! Think of this “I bought an ipad for myself yesterday……….What a way of personalizing a product!

2. Apple’s True Business

Apple is not in the business of computers! They sell computers but what makes them different, is the beauty of their electronics! Their real business is the sale of beautiful simple aesthetic designs of electronics! This is where they make the bulk of their income! They have also added functionality in their business model! So to sum it up apple is in the business of selling functional beautiful electronics! Simple business mission!

3. Product Launches

Apple is notorious(in a good way!) for this! The great Tsunami got the people running and camping at their stores for their products years in advance! How does apple get people so psyched up to buy their products they are willing to lose sleep and the comfort of their beds and heaters, to line up at a store during the winter to give them money? Talk about mind control! Almost sounds like a meth addiction!” I need that”i” whatever…..i can’t function without it” hahaha! I am almost sure whoever is in charge of marketing uses or has read or heard about the book of psychological marketing secrets from a marketing guru by the name “Joe Sugarman“! That book is called “Triggers”  It is a deep psychological conversation that Apple has with its market and they do such a spectacular job they really don’t have to market that aggressively! Some of the triggers they use:-

  1. Anticipation: At press conferences, Steve tells you of the new “i’s” features way before the product is in production!
  2. Events: Every launch has been an event! The date is released way in advance and people get excited….really excited they will camp all night outside a store to get the product(they can’t help themselves!) and guess what this does to someone who has no idea what Apple is? Free marketing…….ditto! Curiosity, absolutely!
  3. Scarcity! Apple never overproduced any of it’s “i’s” and even after demand withers out, apple still has a good handle on demand and supply curves…..the value doesn’t really drop as much with respect to say other products! Put like this you won’t really find Apple selling “i” whatever’s for $5 or less, unless it was stolen!

With that said, are there some strategies  you could use(test first) from Apple to catapult your own business or leverage yourself for opportunity?

Ist of the Company profiles analysis!

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