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The Successful Business Paradigm….For the People, By the People!

Posted on: September 28, 2010

Many of us serves a greater utility than just one of us! The “I” factor is being replaced by the “we” factor! (No French by the way!) The “how can we help you?” is being replaced by “What  tools do you need  so that you can help us help you?” For instance, look at Grameen bank,Facebook, myspace! They are some of the successful companies of this century and have used a rather unique way of becoming successful!

  1. Didn’t use that much capital to begin with
  2. Catered to the people( provided a platform for the people)
  3. They were enablers not doers! Didn’t feel the need to control!
  4. The people rewarded them handsomely for really doing…….nothing or maybe, for listening which is something!

Gone is the need for control and egocentric businesses! The need to own the business! Why not let the people create the content, deliver the prototype and even steer the innovation? The combination of  diversity and unique backgrounds in people, creates some of the greatest business solutions and innovative creative juices your business can ever encounter! Besides the old English saying “two heads are better than one” still is amazingly true and still applicable to this society!

Next time when faced with a business dilemma, simply try solicit and brainstorm ideas from your employees first,(you will create amazing loyalty from them as they will feel that they are not just employees and their opinions count) then next crowd source solutions from your customers! They are (correct me if i am wrong) the reason you’re in business and they will be the end users of your product! It’s only logical they become a part of the design team!

NB: Some very smart internet marketers have been using this very tactic to make millions online! They start by surveying their market or getting information of what they want and what they will pay, go do the research or even out source the research then deliver exactly what the consumer asked for and they smile all the way to the bank! This being said, is the reason why marketers rule over experts! Marketers listen to their market and hire experts to do the work for them! If anything else, always strive to understand your market! They will work with you and love you for listening!

Have an amazing “crowd-sourced” day!

Redefining Work!


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