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The Secret To Beating Unemployment……

Posted on: September 24, 2010

The greatest secret to beating anything period is drumroll…….attitude! Attitude by definition is the disposition or feeling or outlook that one has towards a certain event or person! It could be positive or negative! During my entire 35 years on planet earth rarely have i seen a negative attitude go places! Majority of the times a negative attitude goes in the opposite direction of self destruction through infliction of addictive short term serotonin,epinephrine and dopamine producing substances like drugs! It may feel good on the short term but becomes catastrophic in the long run!

We are facing one of the greatest recessions of the century! There also happens to be continuing wars against terrorism and as we all know wars during a recession hurts the economy even more! As a result of the spiral effect, jobs are being cut, companies despite having the cash flow are delaying hiring and the probably the worst of them all is that the currently employed individuals are being forced to do double the work for the same or less pay!(overworked underpaid and demoralized yet desperate to stay employed!)

All these are valid reasons to be under the rug,  emotionally and mentally overwhelmed but can you imagine, despite these obstacles still managing to have a hopeful attitude versus succumbing to them? It is a very personal decision and only you can make it! No one else! Attitude says you are the best! Attitude says you are a product of God that has faith in God! Attitude says that “You are not alone”! Attitude shows resilience! Finally attitude gets results! (This is in reference to a positive one by the way!) It could be starting to get up a little early every morning or shaving or just going to the library and as you feel good about it, your environment starts to reward you and you feel better and the environment rewards you even more! The best measure of your attitude is your emotions! Your emotions will tell you exactly what attitude you have towards an event or even a person!

With the positive attitude, you will always have a good day even when obstacles exist! There is a saying that says show me someone who doesn’t have obstacles and i can show you a failure or something within those lines! Really, the true successful(and success is subjective) individual is the one that has mastered how to conquer obstacles by not avoiding  them but rather by facing them head first!

So today’s exercise, write down all the things that you are thankful for, it could be the clear sky or the fresh air or even good health and then write everything else that you feel is deducting from your list of happiness! Now whatever is left over, if it is more on the negative than positive then that is a clear indication that your mindset or attitude is off! Find more things to be thankful about and less deduct from and repeat this exercise until there is more to be happy about than to deduct!

Take Care and have a “positive attitude” Friday and weekend for that matter!

Redefining Work!

Lee Kariuki



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