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Please…Don’t Read This…!

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Without referring to yesterdays post otherwise it won’t make much sense!

So To do what you love the first thing is to calculate how much do you need to sustain your monthly expenses living frugally!

Here is the breakdown:-

  1. Rent/mortgage,lights and water
  2. Food
  3. Car note
  4. Car Insurance
  5. Cell phone
  6. Transportation-fuel and the works

Add that number whatever it is and divide it by 20 which is the average number of business days in a month! This will give you you’re daily expected income! As you can see from above the expenses have been  stripped down to the bare basics! Now after you do this analyze and see if you could get at least a part-time job that will pay slightly more by about  $200-$300 and this will be your passion testing money or emergency funds!

As you pursue your passion, the greatest and cheapest utility you can offer at this time is information and this is why:-

  1. It is cheap to deliver
  2. Extremely low overheads
  3. You can make a comfortable living delivering information
  4. You get to keep most of the profits
  5. You receive income for a lifetime for an activity you did once!
  6. You get to impact a lot more people within a short time if done and marketed right using the internet

Besides the most important aspect of a business is the product and here are some good characteristics of a good product!

  1. It delivers more value to the end user than to the creator of the product
  2. It does not tie down the creator such that the creator should be finding better ways of improving the product upon the first release! i.e. the creator will be compensated  more  for the vision and expertise he brings  about the trends of the subject! A  good product has independence of time from the creator!
  3. It is well branded such that if someone was to try to duplicate the product, the end user won’t even feel right about purchasing a cloned product!
  4. It is simple easy to implement and delivers the expected results within the expected time frame!

So bills are paid and you are making survival income paying for your bare necessities!( You need the basics covered for you to embark on delivering uttermost value to the masses)

  1. Start blogging! It is a wonderful way of mastering the subject matter! Every blog post will force to you to research or at least think about what you are posting which in turn trains you to think as the expert in that field! Remember experts are not paid for their products but more important for their insight and trained school of thought and you will develop it through blogging!
  2. Forge relationships with the experts in that field! Interview them and give away the material for free! Yes! For free! Remember most people are online looking for free information to solve a problem and once you give them the quality solutions, you  establish yourself as a trustworthy “go to” individual! Only then can you start charging! It’s one of those things you can connect to like dating……you’re not going to pop the “Will you marry me……..” question on 1st date but as you progressively go on subsequent dates the chances of her or him saying yes increase with the rapport!
  3. Compile your blog notes( the ones that got the greatest clicks and greatest responses) in to a book both audio and print!
  4. Market it and give it away for free! Charge a nominal fee if the end user would like a physical product!
  5. Co-promote a seminar or workshop to teach the skills you have acquired! These pull in more income than most physical products!
  6. Build clientele- This should be done not closer to your launch but all the time! Everyone you meet ask them how can you be of service to them!

And that is the blue print to loving what you do! It involves lots of testing but that’s why you need to hold on to a part-time job to cover your expenses! The other thing is always always think pro-active! If you become complacent about your current situation you will be taken by surprise by an unexpected event eventually! Preparation and anticipation comes from heightened consciousness! Action is the buzz word here!

Have a wonderful “Take action” day!

PS. You become great by practising day by day!

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