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Ace The Interview…..10 Cue’s to doing just that!

Posted on: September 21, 2010

Well the interview will take place when you talk to someone whether you are prepared  for it or not! The only difference is that one is formal and the other is informal! With the global trends of driving business towards the informal sector, guess which interview will probably have a greater impact? Well both! The informal one may lead to the formal one and vice versa! Never take anything for granted as you will never know the outcome until you test! So here are some tips to help you ace any interview and remember that the interview today will take place at the most bizarre of places it could be the gym or at the mall or even at a pool hall and how about church!

  1. Dress for the occasion! If the occasion is a workout session at the gym then don’t show up in a tuxedo! Put it like this, if it is extremely difficult for someone to approach you and talk to you because of the way you are dressed, then go back and change your attire! I have tested this and have come to the conclusion that people are automatically attracted to people that are dressed well and it doesn’t even have to be expensive! It doesn’t even have to be new……you can buy some really good clothes that are in good condition at your local thrift store!
  2. Be a good listener! Don’t blow your toot until the time is right or when the conversation permits or is headed in that direction! Listen more! This should not be too hard as people like to talk about themselves 90% of the time!
  3. If you must talk about “What do you do?” talk in terms of the benefit you provide! Please refer to a previous post on this blog.
  4. Hold back on your personal opinion (at first) unless it is asked for! Man i know i can talk a storm but sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble! Before you can even say anything personal about what you like, get to know what the other party likes! Always ask for their opinion first, that way you will know where their stand is before you go blurting out what you feel about whatever! For example one time i met this guy who despised passionately anything to do with cars and had suffered a major concussion form an accident he had experienced from over speeding and i kept on going on and on about the stats of the new Bugati Veyron and it was clearly quite uncomfortable for him and he excused himself!
  5. Ask for the contact! It’s amazing how many people we meet and have an interesting conversation with only to walk away without their contacts! Today it is even easier to get a hold of someone and even if someone is uncomfortable giving out their number, most people are on some form of social media…facebook or twitter or even have an email address! That’s all you need for starters! Simply ask “Whats your username or email on facebook?”
  6. Do the follow-up! This gives you more time to do research on the person and come up with really interesting questions! The more structured the questions are, the more enthusiastic the other party will be about your enthusiasm and they will return the favor!
  7. Be confident! Confidence is a mindset! It’s how you feel! It’s the energy you radiate! It’s all about how you feel internally! Work on it! No one wants to be affiliated with a person who looks like he or she needs to be on a stretcher surrounded by nine paramedics!
  8. Make the other person want to seek you out! It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! Spark that interest by coining your info in to story! I know of a guy that can make a physics lesson be so cool! He always has a way of using food and women as a way of explaining his theory’s!
  9. Don’t criticize…..infact never criticize! Now some people have a natural knack for just being negative and you will encounter people that will even attack you before they really get to know who you are and what you stand for! When the inclination to put them in their place is calling…..walk away! In the end whether you do prove to them what your made of or you don’t, you have already wasted your time, time that you could have used doing something else more meaningful! The best way to build a relationship is to discover traits about the other persons actions not to be told by the other person what their traits are!
  10. Find common ground! Strive to find what is common to the two of you! We are human beings, if you can’t find something common in a fellow human being then you have one serious problem! Jeez, how about we both have a heart pumping red blood cells! That could be a start!
  11. Have fun! In the end if conversations  with people is not fun then please please work on it! It will boost your career, your love life and even your finances! In the end, technical knowledge will only take you so far! Read the book by Dale CarnegieHow to win friends and Influence People

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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