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Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Posted on: September 18, 2010

Upon watching the Chris Anderson Video for the 4th time, the message was loud and clear! Innovation does not exist just within one individual but rather is amplified when a crowd is involved! This is the new paradigm of the working society thanks to the internet! Whatever you do whether it’s cooking or crocheting or roller skating or even doing research, there is a community! Many heads are way much better than one! Within the crowd exists talent, talent that would otherwise not be noticed by the hiring community or the educational community, yet within these individuals exsits an ocean of knowledge! All they seek is a deep desire to share what they know ! Here are the three pre-requisites that promote these individuals to engage:-

  1. A crowd or an online or offline community ! ( pretty obvious)
  2. Visibility……how can one embed their talent to the crowd…..are there systems to promote engagement and are you willing to give your deepest most valuable intimate secrets?
  3. Enthusiasm- the drive that puts the two at par! The excitement the energy the drive!

You are not an island and its is far much easier to involve a crowd rather than try to go at it alone! How easier would your life be if you knew that there is a crowd waiting for you to lead them! Waiting for you to bring them together and finally a crowd that will easily help you help them catapult value on the way things are done!

Watch the video for further information!


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Are you have account in facebook? I want to talk with smart human.

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