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The 5 second PITCH……

Posted on: September 17, 2010

Hi, i am Bob and i have been working for a company called Trinix and we make cars move faster by adding nitro boosters that  increase the efficiency of the air to fuel ratio of combustion by 60%! The technology removes scaling on the pistons and this in turn adds maximum power to the forward stroke in terms of compression………

The above conversation though quite informative already kills Bob’s prospect of ever communicating value,outcomes and creating an impact on the person he is conversing with. Truth is Bob is an automotive engineer that is surrounded by technical people and technical conversations all day! Even if Bob was talking to a fellow engineer he would have lost it cause Bob’s message was too long! People listen for buzz words like save, money, cut, enhance, increase and so on then after that they simply zero you out until they hear another buzz word and especially when the message is too long!

Here are some laws to abide to when doing the 5 second pitch

  1. Short: has to be at least a sentence!
  2. Precise: says what you do
  3. Outcome: delivers expected outcomes upon experiencing what you do..
  4. Simple: if a 5 year old can’t understand it then i’m sorry get back and work on your pitch again
  5. Paint a picture: very visual

Here are some examples of some i thought were nice!

  1. I help people sleep by solving their  tax problems-an accountant or tax preparer
  2. I put smiles on kids during and after their birthday- a clown
  3. I excite peoples taste buds like never before through my receipes- an exotic or fusion chef
  4. I make women feel desirable through clothing-a ladies fashion designer
  5. I sell irresistance through perfumes- a perfume reseller or maker

So you now get the drift and the more specific you are the better! Narrow it down to a niche!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Redefining Work.


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