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The Proactive Creative Process….

Posted on: August 24, 2010

Unemployment numbers are at 10% in the united states! That correlates to about 15 million Americans and that number is definitely skewed down as there are a whole bunch of other unemployed folks who have not been factored in and are not receiving any kind of benefit!

Now fortunately there is light even during this recession! More people have opted to take this opportunity and follow their passion! They have decided to put their foot down and take control of their own destiny! Truth be told, it is easier today than it ever was thanks to the internet! Testing an idea can be done for a whole lot less and with a greater impact than ever before! This recession has caused offline marketers to start re-evaluating their marketing strategies and try to incorporate an online internet strategy!

Now this is where i come in! My only purpose is to bridge the gap from offline to online using cheap effective creative measurable methods that will deliver the greatest impact or outcome! Part of what i do is through learning other people’s methods and strategies but honestly the majority of what i use are answers to the question “Why not try…..” my favorite hypothesis query! It is mostly driven by creativity and being proactive! The balance of the two is absolutely necessary as these two factors are inter dependable! You need to be creative to come up with new ideas but it is useless to be creative if you don’t take action!

The only way to enhance these two skills is by daily practice1 Get to do something that you have never done or get to talk to someone everyday that you have never talked to and would probably never talk to! This gets you in to the habit of forcing yourself out of your comfort zone! It makes you become comfortable about uncomfortable situations and that is the big secret to being proactive! Creativity on the other hand is an iterative process! You try something “weird” on a constant basis and out of all the weird things you try some will be winners, others won’t make the cut but the beauty of it is that you will become more and more creative as you tap in to you’re super genius…where all our out of world intelligence lies!

Have a non conventional, creative proactive day!


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