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When faced with a situation where you follow the majority think twice…

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Common sense dictates that follow the majority! Common sense dictates that when you are an outlier you are in trouble! Lets look at this statement very critically!

  1. Using the Pareto principle less than 20% of the population run 80% of the economy! That is, in lay man terms: the economy is run by the minority in most countries!
  2. Remember the Internet back in the 90’s! Everyone and their siblings were becoming  multi-millionaires until the internet crashed! The smart ones had pulled out a long time ago!
  3. This recession! The people who bet that the economy was going to come tumbling down…..won! They were the minority too!
  4. A beautiful mind: Remember the guy that used logical economic theory to prove his point about getting the girl at the bar?( I know that was just a movie, but there is something that can be learned)
  5. The team that is the underdog….most of the times wins…how is that?
  6. The strategy that everyone uses that is supposed to be super dynamite……what happens other  than that strategy really being super dynamite in your face literally?

Now i am in no way advocating that you should see what the majority are doing and go the other way though, mathematically i wouldn’t be surprised  that  the odds may weigh in your favor !…(i wish we could sit with a mathematician and a statistician and calculate the probabilities independent of trends(historical data) of an event happening using votes…that would be awesome!)

What i am advocating is that the majority vote is not a strategy especially in business decisions neither is the minority vote i.e. what everyone else is doing! On the contrary one should always vote on sound business principles and morals that reflect their internal value system! Your internal value system will not let you down! It is something we have all been gifted from child birth! Some call it their gut feeling and i, i call it the true alignment of God’s power within! Find it and stop being a flag moving with the wind but rather the wind, dictating where flags move and when you eventually do, competition, majority,minority won’t really matter because you have found your absolute guidance system and even though some decisions may feel like a loss momentarily, in the long run they could be wins!

Simply food for thought……!


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