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Delegate like a General,Think like a prophet,play like a child,behave like you’re ignorant!

Posted on: August 18, 2010

1st Question:

What matters in the end is it the action or the actor or both? Well the actor builds a reputation upon completion of many successful actions! So in this case my answer would be the action!(feel free to add your comment if you disagree) Experience has shown that most people desire for the action/outcome more than the actor! Within the same token, become a facilitator….not a doer! A doer doesn’t get glory! A doer is ego driven and feels like if he doesn’t do it,it won’t be done! On the other hand a facilitator is not bonded to ego and easily finds value in delegation and only does what he is good at! Delegate like a general! A general does not mince his words when delegating! They are very specific about what needs to be done! We could surely learn from them!

A prophet is simply an analyst that looks at present trends and predicts the future! He is very in-tuned with the now and what the current reality is! Prophets are good at being observant and picking up on Q’s that the average individual would bypass! Think like a prophet!

Children…Oh dear they are! Innocent and yet playful! They don’t remember what made them angry, they want to experience everything. they have no shame and do what they like…and they wonder why we as adults are always so busy doing nothing? Why can’t we spend sometime with them and just relax? Yet we call this childish behavior! If childish behavior entails not remembering what made you mad, if childish behavior entails being forgiving.if childish behavior means enjoying the current and present moment, then shouldn’t the children be the adults and the adults be children! Sounds like the children have figured something we haven’t! Play like a child! Remember the saying in the bible Matthew 8:13 “And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Translation: adapt to the behavior of children not the children themselves!

Ignorance is bliss! The less you “know” the less you assume! (Know is in quotes as this can create a whole argument of how do you know what you know to be known and…….you get the drift!) Forget as much as possible! Do less than required and add more value than needed! Behave like you’re ignorant!

Enjoy this awesome Wednesday!


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