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Perfection or at least get to it as close as possible……

Posted on: August 15, 2010

is achieved by consistency upon realizing what works!

You don’t become good at X in one day but rather by doing X , day by day! You don’t get to a prospects heart in one instance but by several instances…….! One meal doesn’t make you a chef! Just like you don’t become a mathematician by trying one problem! So, stop expecting a short cut! By the way a short cut is only learned after trying the long way!

Ever tried buying a packaged item that you had to assemble at home? What happened when you got home? You tried to assemble it without reading the instructions didn’t you? How did that go..? Then you remembered a saying that went like “When everything else fails,  consult the manual!”  Which (by the way) you should have done in the first place but being the impatient person you are you wanted to save time……!( I am extremely guilty of this after learning that whenever you have to use force to assembly any item, then you are definitely doing something extremely wrong!Most parts are already created with specific locations and dimensions so that you don’t have to use force!)

Same analogy! Always execute the one and done principal! Get it done the first time which can only be accomplished by eliminating short cuts! If you own a business build it from the ground up…. do a market feasibility study,get clients, get referrals,get the product, ask for the sale and finally do a follow up! No magic bullet or secret weapon…..get it done the logical way and as you find what works, run an iteration and test it until you have consistent results, then scale it up and you will be in business!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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