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Thin Line Between Have’s and Have Not’s…….

Posted on: August 14, 2010

Whatever side you’re on, you could find yourself on the other side! It is very evident during this recession that some companies have been forced to close down and yet there will be some companies that will emerge as the “have’s” during and after this recession!

Most of us want to be on the side of the haves yet being on the side of the have not’s is not such a bad thing! Your perception changes! You become aware of what is important! You become an effective boot strapper! You realize how to add value to other people’s lives and slowly but surely you will cross the thin line!

Whatever situation you’re in, your perception of that situation changes the situation! Finding glory in others situation does not add value to you or anybody else for that matter besides you could easily find yourself on the other side!

This is a time when team work is particularly important! You will not get it done efficiently and effectively alone! Get a team, get a support group and add as much value to them as they add to you! It is a symbiotic process! At the end of it all, having or not having doesn’t really matter, what matters most is your internal system… do you feel about yourself!

How you feel about yourself manifests in what you do! Search and maintain a strong emotional value system that is stable and non rational! Lately from experience there are a lot of situations that everyone is undergoing from emotional to health to death to financial! Actually financial situations whether we like it or not do affect us in one way or the other if we let it……money or finances are a reward for getting everything else right!

Get it right………

Enjoy your weekend….i know i am!


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