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Reaching Your BS Threshold…

Posted on: August 13, 2010

The point where you say enough is enough and you decide to make a difference by doing something about the situation! We all allow poisons(suffering,ill thoughts,ill statements from others,ill statements from ourselves) to affect us until our bodies get to that threshold where if we don’t do something we will perish! It could be a physiological trigger like a disease, or deep darkness or even mental exhaustion and you finally decide enough is enough!

SIDE NOTE:Studies have shown that there is a connection between your mental state of mind and your immunity! Ever wondered why cardiac arrest rates are on an all time high now than ever before and is affecting even people less than 40 years of age? Well part is the foods and habits we think we must conform to because society dictates so! The other is self inflicted stress! Yes self because whether you like it or not you do have a choice! Next time you decide to get stressed think about what you are doing to your blood pressure,to your heart muscles,to your blood circulation,to your brain,to your hormones,to your mental stability then ask is it really worth it when in the end you are going to die eventually anyway? Isn’t it better to die from an external cause than a self inflicted one….then why do that to yourself? STOP IT NOW BESIDES STRESS DOESN’T SOLVE A THING!

Back to the post:

Truth is our mental clarity is very very dependent on our threshold for poisons! Apparently, the higher the threshold, the lower the mental clarity and different people have an extreme low tolerance for poisons and hence are more likely to concentrate only on what is important to them and the people they can add value to! Threshold can be acquired and the optimal levels can be reached through exposure! I have experienced though that the more defined your goals are, the lower your threshold for poisons!

Have a poison free day!

Lee Kariuki


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