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Everyone Has An Opportunity………Even You Yes You…..

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Stop feeling down my friend! Stop feeling beat! Stop and relax….i know i know you have too many responsibilities to even read this post…i get it! Now imagine if…you could,

  1. Take thirty minutes to an hour every morning and think about nothing
  2. You could accomplish more by doing less
  3. Eradicating everything and anything that is not beneficial to helping others or growing in your intended direction
  4. Find opportunities every where you throw your eyeballs

The honest truth is that we all have goals! We all have dreams! We all have those internal desires of who we see ourselves as! The only problem is that we really have no idea how we can transform from who we currently are to who we desire to be! Just like you i have had this exact problem for a very long time! I did go through multiple multiple trials and yes extreme errors prior to realizing what really matters to me!

The Big Secret

Opportunity is everywhere……if you could just be observant! The greatest discoveries are discoveries everyone had seen, but no one took action! Action is the required ingredient to success and this can only be done by being still in the midst of chaos! Be Still! You are more confident,more observant more composed more focused if you could just be still!

I have a friend who survived a horrible accident back in the early 90’s in Mombasa Kenya! He was on a ferry that killed almost 200 people if not more due to passenger overloading! The “Mtongwe ferry” incident was truly a horrible disaster that shook the town of Mombasa in the mid 90’s! Anyway, my friend boarded the ferry not knowing that a few minutes later it would capsize! When everyone was startled and screaming and panicking for dear life….he stood still! It was a skill he had learned many years ago from situations he had experienced! As the boat capsized, he took the time to observe the proximity of where everything was! “It felt like a scene from the titanic”, he said. Then he dived to the furthest point after inhaling more than enough oxygen for his quest! He told me he felt the hands of drowning people  grasp his legs as he hung on to dear life through the oxygen he had inhaled…..and after a few minutes the hands let go and he swam to the shore! He clearly knew what that mean’t! That was the touch of death…..the hands of people hanging on to dear life and he had their DNA on him from the scratches he had acquired! During that time he had a flash of his entire life and could almost taste death until he became conscious and he felt like he had beaten death simply by being STILL…..

TRY IT today…

Lee Kariuki


1 Response to "Everyone Has An Opportunity………Even You Yes You….."

Man….!!! What can I say?? I need to remember to do this every day. Thnx for sharing.

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