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How A Scientific Concept Can Change Your Life…..

Posted on: July 29, 2010

In two words….activation energy! Activation energy or driving force is the energy charge required by any action for it to move forward! It is called by psychologists, natural resistance! Every chemical and physical reaction has to overcome the energy charge for it to move forward! So how do you apply this concept to change your life?

For every action you intend to pertake, understand that there is an energy requirement you need to overcome to become successful! That energy requirement is called desire and the only way to activate desire is to set a goal! If you understood this concept, it would be difficult for you to fail! Failure is simply a reflection of an internal state of consciousness! It is an error in thought or execution! Just like ,most systems have a self correction system(bell) when you steer far out of the acceptable range, failure or suffering is simply that bell to remind you that you are far out of your optimal operational range!

So don’t fail (or don’t plan to), but fill yourself with desire by setting goals!

Lee Kariuki


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